Smartphone Text Editor Manual

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Document Manager

You will start work with Text Editor in its Document Manager. It allows you to create new text document or manage your existing documents and do some other actions. You can see current folder at the top of the window and folders and documents (files) below it.

New - To create new text document press New button
To open an existing document, select the document and press the Action key (Center key).
Favorites - Choose one of this sub menu items to jump quickly to one of these folders: Phone My Documents (base folder for storing documents), Phone Root (main phone folder), Card (main memory card folder).
New Folder - Creates new folder in current folder and jumps into it
Rename - Renames selected document or folder
Delete - Deletes selected document or folder
Show > Text Files - Shows text files: *.txt and *.rtf
Show > Textual Files - Show textual files: *.txt/rtf/xml/htm/html/css/log
Show > All - Shows all files
Associate... - Associate given file type (i.e. files with specified extension, e.g. ".txt") with Text Editor or another program. If you try to open file in another program, the file is open in associated program - for example if you click on file in file manager or mail program, the file is opened in associated program.
Exit - Exits text editor
Opened document is closed by Menu > Close command.

Navigating through document

You move the cursor using Left, Right, Up and Down keys. There are three modes in Text Edit (see menu commands for details):

Normal Mode  - Up and Down keys moves by one line
Page Mode - Up and Down keys moves by one page (screen)
Find Mode - Up and Down keys find previous or next occurrence of searched text.

You can also scroll by page using Volume Up and Volume Down keys (you must turn on this option in Menu > Settings > Options...).

Normal mode - Selects Normal Mode for Up and Down keys
Page Scroll mode - Selects Page Scroll for Up and Down keys
Find - Opens Find dialog box and selects Normal Mode for Up and Down keys. After entering the searched text into the dialog you can find previous or next occurrence of searched text in the document
Go To Start - Moves cursor to the start of the document
Go To End - Moves cursor to the end of the document
Go To Line... - Moves cursor to the specified line of the document
Insert > File... - Inserts contents of selected file (another document) into the current document at the cursor position
Insert > Date - Inserts Date (e.g. 4/25/2007)
Insert > Time - Inserts Date (e.g. 6:35 PM)
Insert > Time Date - Inserts Date (e.g. 6:35 PM 4/25/2007)
Insert > Tab - Inserts tabulator
Insert > Bullet - Inserts bullet ()

Document Editing

Select part of your document using Select mode (Menu > Select) and use one of number editing operations.

Edit > Undo - Undoes last operation
Edit > Cut - Cuts selected text to clipboard
Edit > Copy - Copies selected text to clipboard
Edit > Paste - Pastes text from clipboard to document
Edit > Delete - Delete selected text. You can also delete selected text by pressing the Back key
Selection > Open in Browser - Opens selected web address (e.g. in web browser
Selection > Web Search - Searches selected text using Google
Zoom - Changes Zoom level
Settings > Autoindent - Toggles Autoindent mode on/off. After pressing Enter (New line) key on the end of line the next is automatically prefilled with spaces, tabs and bullet symbols (, -) in Autoindent mode. Example (character | indicates cursor position after pressing Enter at the end of "Wash my car" line):

My ToDo List
- Wash my car
- |

Settings > Wraps - Toggles Wrap lines on/off
Settings > Options... - Opens Options dialog, where you can set tab size and enable scrolling by Volume keys.
Close - Closes opened document and returns to Document Manager.


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