Smartphone Office Bundle

Compact solution for your Smartphone!

Powerful Excel compatible Smartphone Spreadsheet and easy to use Smartphone Text Editor in one bundle! Works on every type of Windows Mobile Smartphone: Smartphone 2002 / Smartphone 2003 / Smartphone 2003SE / Windows Mobile 5.0, portrait/landscape display, with/without keyboard!

Smartphone Text Editor
Osymo Smartphone Text Editor is carefully designed for easy text document editing, viewing and searching on any Windows Mobile Smartphone.
More info on Osymo Smartphone Text Editor

Smartphone PTab Spreadsheet
Z4Soft PTab Spreadsheet is powerful Smartphone Spreadsheet (Microsoft Office Excel compatibility, Macros, External Links, Dropdown Boxes using Data Validation etc.).
More info on Z4Soft Smartphone Spreadsheet


Platform Try (fully functional, time limited trial) Buy Smartphone Office Bundle
Smartphone (Windows Mobile) - Smartphone Text Editor (<0,5MB)
- PTab Smartphone Spreadsheet (0,5 MB)
Buy here ($36)
Smartphone Office bundle runs on any Windows Mobile Smartphone: 2002, 2003, 2003SE and Windows Mobile 5.0, incl. QVGA machines with keyboard (Motorola Q, T-Mobile Dash, Samsung Blackjack, O2 XDA Cosmo etc).

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