Osymo Calc - Windows Mobile Smartphone and Pocket PC Calculator

OsymoCalc is a calculator for Pocket PC or Smartphone with Excel compatible formulas. 
You can:

  • do your general calculations in the natural efficient way
    You enter a formula, e.g.    2.54*(1+1/160)    and press the Action button and Osymo Calc evaluates the formula. You can use more than 100 built-in Excel compatible math, trig, statistical, financial etc. functions. See screenshot and details below.
  • use any of prepared specialized calculators
    You can use form-based specialized calculators e.g. Conversions, Financial, Mortgage Calculator, Body Mass Index Calculator etc. See screenshot below and list of prepared calculators.
  • create and use your own specialized calculators in a minute!
    More info about creating a new calculator.
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Osymo Calc runs on any Windows Mobile Smartphone: 2002, 2003, 2003SE and Windows Mobile 5.0, incl. QVGA machines with keyboard (Motorola Q, T-Mobile Dash, Samsung Blackjack, O2 XDA Cosmo etc).

Questions/problems/bugs? Let us know: email@osymo.com


Using _Standard calculator

Using specialized calculators

  • If the _Standard calculator in not already opened, open it using Menu > Open...
  • Enter a formula in the first edit line and press the Action button on Smartphone or Enter on Pocket PC. Samples of formulas (detailed info):


    73.6^2 + 93.7^2 + 165*3600


    fact(23) / (fact(17)+fact(6))

    Npv(10%, -10000, 4000, 5000, 6000)

  • Open required calculator using Menu > Open...
  • Enter data to the calculator form
  • Press the Action button on Smartphone or Enter on Pocket PC

    See below for list of prepared calculators or create your own calculator.


Ready to use specialized calculators

Download the calculator, copy it to your My Documents folder of your Smartphone (/Storage/My Documents) or Pocket PC (/My Documents) and open it in OsymoCalc (Menu > Open...).

Calculators are provided "as is" without warranties, representations, or guarantees of any kind.

BMI lbsFtIn.ca Body Mass Index calculator (lbs/Ft/In)
BMI metric.ca Body Mass Index calculator (cm/kg)
Mortgage.ca Simple mortgage payments calculator for a fixed-rate loan
Loan.ca Mortgage payments calculator for a fixed-rate loan. The payment frequency can be annual, semi-annual, quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly
Fin DDb.ca Calculates the depreciation of an asset for a specified period (using the double-declining balance method)
Fin FV.ca Calculates future value of an investment (based on periodic, constant payments and a constant interest rate)
Fin NPer.ca Calculates the number of periods for an investment (based on periodic, constant payments and a constant interest rate)
Incm.ca Inches <-> centimeters converter
FahrCelsius.ca Temperature Fahrenheit <-> Celsius converter
MePStoMiPH.ca Meters per second to miles per hour conversion
QuadrEq.ca Quadratic equations solver
Circle Prop.ca Circle circumference and area
DOF metric.ca Depth of field calculator (metric)
LensAngle.ca Lens angle of view
Fuel.ca Mileage (km or miles), Tank (liters or gallons), Petrol price -> Gas mileage (per 100km or miles), Price per 1 (km or mile)
TipCalc.ca Tip calculator (tip and per person amount)
Days.ca Number of Calendar Days and Busniess Days between two dates [screenshot]

User's calculators
Medical Calculators (created by Bill M.)
A-a Gradient.caAnion Gap (Serum).caAnion Gap (Urine).caBody Mass Index.caBody Surface Area.ca Cardiac Output (Fick).ca Corrected Calcium for Albumin.ca Corrected Phenytoin Level.ca Corrected QT Interval.ca Creatinine Clearance (Cockcroft Gault).ca Creatinine Clearance (MDRD).ca Fractional Excretion Na (FeNa).ca Henderson Hasselbach Equation.ca LDL Cholesterol (calculated).caOsmolar Gap (Serum).caOsmolar Gap (Stool).ca Sodium Correction for Hyperglycemia.ca Transtubular Potassium Gradient (TTKG).caWater Deficit.ca Water Distribution.ca Winters formula metabolic acidosis.ca


Creating new calculator

See instruction how to create your own specialized calculator.

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