Drum Loop

Osymo Drum Loop is an electronic drums software for creating drum loops. You can use this application for composing or as an accompaniment or a luxury metronome for your guitar, bass, piano or another instrument practising.

Osymo Drum Loop main features:

- You can create your own rhythms
Meter and tempo
  - Meter from 1/1 to 16/32
  - Tempo from 15 to 300 BPM (Beats Per Minute)
  - Up to 8 tracks (instruments)
  - You can use your own .wav files
  - Main Volume and Volume for each track
  - Unlimited number of loops


Platform Try (time limited trial) Buy
Windows Mobile Classic
Pocket PC
Windows Mobile Professional
Smartphone with Touch Screen
Fully functional trial version - cab file Buy $6 - here
  Works on Windows Mobile 5 or newer.

Questions/problems/bugs? Let us know: email@osymo.com




Osymo Drum Loop Usage

Main Screen

Stop/Run - Press to start or stop loop playing

Loop Name - Name of the loop. Tap the loop name to change loop property or to play or create another loop (see below)

Main volume - Tap to change main volume

BPM - Peats Per Minute. Change the tempo using arrows

Tracks - Track properties (see below). Tap the track name to change the instrument or track volume

Loop Properties

Open - Open selected loop

New - Create new empty loop

Clone - Duplicate selected loop

Properties - Loop properties: Loop name, Number of beats, Ticks per beat

Delete - Delete selected loop

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